Working with me

The first group includes those who just want something that has a start point and an end point. This is what I call a business and the details are on a separate website ( I am open to this for two reasons:

- financial income
- a good adventure

So this group includes those who come, see and win and then move on. To emphasize this may be obvious to one person, but not even to an angel. That's why I have all of these either hologames or holofilm or holoshow. That is, dissolution occurs even if the angel is very affectionate.

The second group includes those who want something from me whose fulfillment of purpose would mean a longer period of time, with the uncertainty that the other may never want to put an end to it. Even though I have already stopped the more serious mental struggles, it still does not hurt me if I am in training and under certain conditions they get into the same rut that would be the opposite of the real goal. They are the ones who come in every sense of the word "friend" ... when they are certain of your victory. This group is mainly about the task and is free of charge for the parties.

The official time for these people to work together is up to 1 year 2 months. This may be extended by +1 or +2 years if mutually agreed. Avoiding sectarianism is thus guaranteed, because if people are rotating in this environment, then surely no one will be caught in the sect. Neither a year, two, nor three is the length of time to limit anyone's birth task.

The third group includes those who come to my will. Before returning, I worked out in detail my forms of contact with people and the outside world, taking into account my potential. When I open a meeting gate with someone, in a sense, our world interacts with each other, so it's not a simple thing by default. Both sides need to be prepared for this, so this could have started in 3D before you became aware of me in the (plastic) present. For each of these gates, I need 3 suitable people.

Personal contact for the sacred environment | Who looks at both areas | Personal representation to the outside world

That's why they've been laughing for 5 years, now they are thinking about it, and in 5 years' time they will complain to themselves outrageously. So it's worth taking this seriously, because there's no other solution, given that it's easy for me to have a bunch of these things that I need to keep in the system. Because with these people my personal and professional relationships will be deeper, the end of something cannot be clearly defined here, but we cannot avoid the basic rules of free will, even if we want to.

The fourth group includes those who use the gate I have always left open, which I can say has something to do with the research of God. What I call the physical plane is death research. Since there is no proof that god exists, but neither does, I have left open the possibility that he still has a login. What kind of people they are and in what situation, they must be open to its most extreme potential.

The fifth group belongs to those who do not correspond to any of these four. Maybe because it doesn't require a personal meeting to work with me.